Monday, 1 November 2010

Try something Advanced this winter...

We understand that bedding is a personal choice – some people like big fluffy beds and others prefer a more minimal approach. Now that there are dozens of different types on the market it is the perfect time to try something new and innovative and what may have seemed the most economical solution for many years could well be rivalled by something new on the market.

Nedz Advance is a revolution in bedding materials and whilst it does not provide the traditional appearance that a fluffy bed offers – the benefits are almost endless.

Manufactured from chopped straw, Nedz Advance combines the amazing biodegradability of straw with modern benefits giving it an edge over other pelleted bedding. Unlike wood based products, which take around 2 years to rot down, Nedz Advance takes just 1 – 2 months meaning that muck heap removal costs are virtually eliminated. This exceptional rotting time could potentially save you hundreds of pounds each year making the bedding well worth it’s RRP of between £6 - £8 a bag.

In addition to this, Nedz Advance is one of the most absorbent beddings on the market – capable of soaking up around 5 times its own weight in liquid. This means that wet patches and ammonia levels are kept to an absolute minimum – saving on bedding and creating a healthier environment for both you and your horse.

The steaming process used to treat the straw before it is pelleted removes moulds and spores to offer a virtually dust free bedding product, as well as ensuring it is totally unpalatable.

Nedz Advance is available in easy to store, 15kg bags. We recommend around 6-8 bags for initial set up  (less on rubber matting) and on average one bag per week to top up depending on usage. Nedz Advance can also be mixed with other Nedz products to provide a super absorbent bedding with a more traditional appearance.

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