Friday, 28 May 2010

8 months down and still riding Mr P!

Now our sponsored rider Steph Croxford is eight months pregnant her competing has understandably fallen slightly by the wayside! "I was still competing at six and a half months and gloating about how my jacket still fitted," she said. "However at that moment I bent over and off popped a button so I think that signalled the time to hang up the reins for a while!" Although not competing Steph is still schooling Mr P, "I was riding up to three days before Annabel was born and back competing internationally 5 weeks after so I hope that this one (a little boy) will be the same!"

In the mean time Steph has been keeping busy. You may have seen in Horse magazine (on sale May 27th) that she helped a reader develop a horse's balance and self-carriage in their latest Masterclass - the Nedz banner was working hard and caused a rather large spook - caught on camera of course! We even got the chance to go and see her at work and it was very inspirational!

As well as this Steph is trying to put her five year old mare in foal to the 2009 Dutch Harness Champion in the Netherlands, "She has just been AI'd so we are keeping our fingers crossed. There are no Dutch Harness stallions in the UK and we are hoping if she takes she will throw a colt!" We will be keeping our fingers crossed too - as in Steph's words, "Mr P is an old fashioned Dutch Harness horse and I think it is better the devil you know!" The thought of a little baby Mr P is a very exciting prospect!

Who knows, next time we speak to Steph there may be another mini Croxford on the planet!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Simple summer bedding

Summer months should be spent in the sun, having fun, riding and enjoying our horses – not mucking out in hot, stuffy stables! Nedz Advance provides a super quick, super absorbent and super hygienic method of bedding you horse, leaving you more time to enjoy the warmer weather!

The revolutionary Nedz Advance is manufactured using a unique process that steams top quality chopped straw to make it unpalatable and virtually dust free, before compressing it in to pellets. These pellets break down to form a soft, cushioned and extremely absorbent base for your horse or pony to be stabled on without the need for watering.

Offering a supportive, clean and hygienic bedding method ensures that horses and ponies in the stable – even those suffering from laminitis - can remain comfortable and supported even when stabled for long periods. The high absorbency of Nedz Advance dramatically reduces the levels of ammonia in the environment which in turn prevents insects and unpleasant odours, and because the bed needs little disturbing, dust is kept to a minimum making it perfect for those suffering from respiratory compromise.

Wet patches are kept to a minimum and droppings do not stick to Nedz Advance making it one of the quickest and easiest products to use on the market. The highly biodegradable product means muck heaps are kept small in size and what little muck that is there will rot down within one month, helping to reduce nasty odours that attract flies and are simply unpleasant when the warmer weather arrives.

During the warmer months when horses are stabled for reduced amounts of time it is not uncommon to only add one bag of Nedz Advance every ten days depending on usage – making the RRP of between £6 and £7.50 per bag an economical solution.

Be Pro-tected in the stable this summer!

Many horses are still stabled during the warmer months – even if it is for shorter periods of time – and providing a hygienic and dust-free environment is equally as important as during the winter.

Made from Oil Seed Rape Straw, Nedz Pro offers a super absorbent alternative to shavings whilst combining all the benefits of quick rotting, easy to muck out, cosy, chopped straw!

Due to its highly absorbent properties Nedz Pro only requires a full muck out once a week, creating a sturdy, comfortable base for your horse or pony to bed on. In addition, the unique Natural Nedz formula that is used in the bedding contains Manuka Oil and Aloe Vera to offer a safe, natural and organic environment for your horse that reduces ammonia levels and helps with horses suffering from respiratory and skin problems.

The entirely natural formula will help defend against harmful bacteria, particularly useful for travelling horses and those with weaker immune systems more susceptible to picking up viruses and infections. In addition Manuka has been used for hundreds of years to help repel insects making Nedz Pro the ideal solution for summer bedding. The rigorous dust extraction process keeps mould spores to an absolute minimum creating a safe environment for both you and your horse.

Quick and easy to muck out Nedz Pro is cost effective, with just 4-6 bales being needed for initial start up, and requires on average one bale per week to top up. Nedz Pro is highly biodegradable, rotting down within two to three months and can safely be spread as natural fertiliser – saving on muck heap removal!