Thursday, 5 January 2012

Choosing the right bedding for the job!

During winter our horse’s stabled hours are inevitably increased, if it isn’t snowing, it is howling a gale and many of our domesticated horses aren’t very good at dealing with the elements! Not only is that tough on our pockets but also sometimes on the horse’s welfare, which is why choosing the right bedding product for you and your equine partner is important.

It is sometimes difficult to know which product is best for you and your horse, but Nedz has three different bedding products to choose from to suit your equine’s individual needs.

Nedz Original brings together a touch of tradition, without scrimping on the latest technology. Made from chopped wheat straw which has been rigorously dust extracted, Nedz Original is treated with the unique and exclusive Natural Nedz formula to bring comfort and cosiness along with health and hygiene to your stable floor! If you are a fan of thick, luxurious and classic straw beds, but want to reduce odours, mucking out time and wastage, Nedz Original could be the product for you!

If you want to bed like a professional, consider the choice of show jumper Geoff Billington, event rider Mary King and dressage rider Stephanie Croxford. Nedz Pro is made from oil seed rape straw, which is quick rotting and due to its highly absorbent properties, can be utilised as a deep litter bed. Even when only skipped out daily and mucked out fully once a week, the bed is kept hygienic and clean with the help of Natural Nedz, which reduces ammonia levels and kills bacteria. If you are short on time and want bedding that leaves you with little muckheap and less waste, Nedz Pro is ideal.

Nedz Advance, though still manufactured from high quality straw, provides a very different type of bedding. Each blade of straw is both chopped, ground and steamed before being pressed into a pellet form. The pellets are so absorbent they can soak up around five times their own weight in liquid providing the perfect bedding for the wetter horse. Nedz Advance is virtually dust-free making it an ideal bedding for those equine’s suffering from respiratory problems. The pellets expand in volume as your horse stands on them, negating the need for watering - saving time and effort. Perfect for people won want fuss-free, functional bedding, Nedz Advance has been seen to half mucking out time when compared to traditional bedding methods.

Every single Nedz product is suitable for use on rubber matting, or concrete stable bases. Visit for more information!