Thursday, 9 January 2014

Fresh feet for the winter season!

The last few months of winter can really drag on and it can become frustrating for our equines to still be experiencing limited turnout and exercise. Increased stabled time can also lead to a range of health conditions developing, such as thrush caused by standing in wet bedding. At Nedz we think that in the absence of turnout the best thing that horse owners can provide at this challenging time of year is a stable environment that is as comfortable as possible.

Thrush is a common condition in the wintertime, often exacerbated by muddy fields and wet, urine-soaked bedding. The degenerative fungal infection affects the central and collateral grooves of the frog, resulting classically in softening and damage to the soft tissue structures of the foot. Thrush can produce a highly unpleasant odour and discharge from the foot, which can in extreme cases, cause the softened tissue of the frog to rot away.

The most important factor in avoiding winter conditions such as thrush is to keep the stable environment as clean and hygienic as possible. Purchasing a high quality, absorbent bedding is a must, as wet, ammonia saturated bedding not only causes moisture to permeate our equine’s hooves but also leads to increased levels of ammonia in the stable damaging the horn of the hoof and weakening the outer layer of the foot.

Nedz combines the latest innovations and technological advances in bedding with the traditional benefits of straw, providing a soft, comfortable, hygienic and cosy bed. Nedz Original and Nedz Pro both offer chopped straw bedding that is exceptionally absorbent, supportive and dust-free, with the additional benefit of an exclusive treatment called Natural Nedz.

The unique blend of Manuka and Cade Oil in Natural Nedz offers an organic addition to the bedding, which provides anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties. In addition, both Nedz Original and Nedz Pro now offer the healing powers of Silver! The naturally occurring element helps to limit moulds and fungi developing in the bedding and stable environment, while also helping to zap harmful viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. In addition, silver can contribute to supporting the immune system, enabling horses to naturally stand up against infection and winter ailments.

Nedz Original and Nedz Pro are available in 20kg bales, prices start around £6.50 per bale.  For more information about Nedz and the benefits of Silver visit the website or call: 01254 677 762.