Thursday, 2 June 2011

Quality not quantity!

With the huge number of pelleted bedding products on the market it is becoming increasingly confusing for consumers to choose the right option for their horse. As the only chopped straw pellet currently available, Nedz Advance offers a huge number of benefits and the rigorous quality control process means it is one of the safest and most hygienic products a horse owner can choose.

It starts with the straw! Only the best quality straw is chosen and chopped to form very short fibres. This is then passed through a rigorous dust extraction process before being treated with steam to sterilise the raw material and make it totally unpalatable for horses.

The raw material is then compressed in to small pellets which will only break down once they are laid in your stable and your horse walks on them. Each pellet is capable of absorbing up to five times its own weight in liquid due making Nedz Advance one of the most absorbent bedding products money can buy.

A little goes a long way with Nedz Advance and the pellets increase in volume to create a soft, yet sturdy base for your horse that will not slip, move or stick to rugs and droppings. Taking just a few minutes to clean out, Nedz Advance can be fully mucked out daily, or just skipped out with the wet taken out once or twice a week. What little bedding is removed will rot down within 4 – 6 weeks removing the need for costly muck heap removal.

Nedz Advance will reduce ammonia levels, save you time and money and provide a safe, virtually dust-free environment for your horse, making it ideal for horses that suffer from respiratory disorders and horse owners that get irritated by dust. The high standard of raw material, and the manufacturing process, ensures horse owners are not compromising their own, or their horses health by using inferior, poor quality bedding products.

The easy-to-handle 15kg bags cost around £6 - £7 a bag and can be purchased from your local Nedz stockist. For more information tel: (01254) 677 762 or visit