Monday, 3 December 2012

New Year, New Bedding

The beginning of a New Year inevitably brings a series of resolutions from all of us, whatever they may be, but how about making the resolution to try something new today and try a new bedding for your horse or pony. Improving your beloved equine friend’s health is important for every loving owner, and you may even save your pennies too!

Nedz provides a completely natural approach to bedding as a fantastic alternative to shavings and other bedding products on the market. The competitively priced bedding also provides additional health benefits and with three different products to choose from you really are covered for every eventuality!

Traditional bedding meets technology with Nedz Original; a chopped wheat straw product treated with the Natural Nedz ensuring your horse has the snug feel of straw with extra absorbency, resulting in a quick-to-muck-out, hygienic bedding. In addition, unlike conventional straw, Nedz Original is equipped with a bitter taste to stop a greedy equine tucking into their bedding either through boredom or hunger.

If you are looking to save time and money without compromising your equine’s health Nedz Pro is the bed for you. Made from oil seed rape straw, Nedz Pro creates a super absorbent alternative to shavings with all the benefits of biodegradable chopped straw. Nedz Pro works effectively as a deep litter bed with the wet only removed once a week, or on a daily system depending on your requirements. Hygiene is imperative and as Nedz Pro is also treated with the exclusive Natural Nedz formula ammonia levels are reduced and the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties help keep bugs and bacteria at bay! Nedz Pro is ideal for those looking to speed up mucking out, reduce wasted bedding and opt for a more natural approach.

Nedz Advance, though still manufactured from high quality straw, provides a different type of bedding. The straw is chopped and ground before being pressed into a pellet. These are then steamed and sterilised to control moulds and spores and ensure the bedding is totally unpalatable. The pellets break down as your horse is stabled on it at different rates meaning the exceptional absorbency lasts throughout the bag. Unlike other pelleted bedding, there is no need to water Nedz Advance and the bedding does not stick to droppings meaning you only remove waste and don’t fill up your muck heap!

All Nedz products are dust extracted making them ideal for horses with respiratory compromise, and each product can be used on concrete or rubber matting bases. Nedz retails between £6.50 - £8 for 20kg bales of Nedz Original and Nedz Pro, and £7 - £8.50 for 15kg bags of Nedz Advance. 

So with health benefits, price benefits and muck-heap-reducing benefits, make trying Nedz your New Year’s resolution. For more information or to find out your nearest stockist visit or telephone to tel: 01254 677 762

Friday, 2 November 2012

Get box clever this season

Box rest; dreaded words to any horse owner. When you are already worried about your horse’s wellbeing, you don’t need the added concern that your bedding could be causing more harm than good. Box rest could be anything from a few days to several months and can be stressful for both horse and owner, however good management and a safe, clean and comfortable stable can alleviate the strain of the situation to ensure your horse’s health is not compromised.

When your horse is laid off work their management regime is drastically altered overnight changing their daily patterns and influencing their behaviour. In order to manage box rest effectively both the horse’s physical and mental needs must be addressed and with this in mind providing a safe, hygienic and comfortable stable can help maintain peak health in a variety of ways.

Nedz Bedding is made from top quality, chopped straw and provides a biodegradable, environmentally friendly, natural bedding. Combined with the exclusive Natural Nedz formula, both Nedz Pro and Nedz Original help ensure your stable stays clean and fresh with anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties to help eliminate odours and discourage insects and bugs.

Made from oilseed rape straw, Nedz Pro is highly absorbent, requiring just one full muck out per week negating the need to spend hours toiling at the yard and providing a sturdy, comfortable base for your horse to be bedded on. Nedz Original is a more traditional wheat straw product, offering a fluffy, cosy bed which rivals wood based products for absorbency. Both Nedz Pro and Nedz Original are quick and easy to muck out, leaving more time free to groom, make a fuss of and take care of your confined horse.

One of the common concerns for the box resting horse is wet bedding. Wet bedding not only causes saturation of the foot but also leads to increased levels of ammonia in the stable which can damage the horn and weaken the outer layer of the horse’s hoof, not to mention irritate the delicate respiratory system. Capable of absorbing up to five times its own weight in liquid, Nedz Advance is comprised of chopped straw pellets that break down as your horse stands on them, negating the need to add water, and creating a soft, yet sturdy, virtually dust free bedding. Nedz Advance also works in conjunction with other Nedz products to offer the exceptional absorbency, combined with a deep, cosy and more aesthetically pleasing chopped straw bed.

Nedz Bedding provides the perfect, natural solution for the box resting horse. Each 20kg bale of Nedz Original and Nedz Pro is tightly packed to ensure maximum value for money and typically requires only one bale per 7 – 10 days as a top up, prices vary between £6.50 - £8 per bale. Nedz Advance comes in easy to handle 15kg bags and costs between £6.50 and £8.50 per bag.

To find out more about the Nedz range of bedding solutions tel: 01254 677 762 or visit 

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sustain soles this season

With the cold, damp winter weather just around the corner, horse owners are bringing their equines in from the field and setting up a nice, cosy stable to protect them from the seasonal elements. However stabling horses can bring a new set of problems, including saturation and weakening of the horse’s hooves in wet and dirty bedding.

We are all familiar with the old proverb “no foot, no horse” and it couldn’t be truer today. Hoof health is indisputably important as neglected hooves can lead to discomfort, pain, disfigurement and lameness. Though stabling our horses can protect them from rainy and wet weather many horses and ponies feet deteriorate during the colder seasons as a result of bedding which lacks absorbency. Wet bedding not only causes saturation of the foot but leads to increased levels of ammonia in the stable which can damage the horn and weaken the outer layer of the horse’s hoof.

Nedz bedding provides the perfect range of products for horse owners concerned about healthy hooves. All Nedz products are manufactured from high quality chopped straw but that has been dust extracted to offer exceptionally absorbent, hygienic and virtually dust-free alternatives to traditional bedding methods.

Not only do Nedz provide the perfect bedding solutions for the wetter horse, to help avoid seasonal problems such as thrush and other fungal infections, the state of the art dust extraction process makes every product in the range ideal for equines suffering from respiratory problems or simply for owners requiring added protection for horses on reduced turnout time during winter.

All Nedz products, including Nedz Original, Pro and Advance, are simple and easy to use and rot down a few months to provide an economical bedding choice.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Take a deep breath this season...

Are you already dreading the winter season ahead? Horses that suffer from respiratory conditions or dust allergies can find the winter months a tricky time of year to deal with, however there are precautions that you can put in place to help your equine deal with the dust, and they may be simpler than you think…

It can be very stressful for horses, and their owners, when dealing with breathing conditions. Recurrent Airway Obstruction, or RAO, (formerly known as COPD) can be exacerbated by factors in the environment, and when winter weather means essential stable time, exposure to these elements can be unavoidable.

You can significantly reduce the levels of dust in your horse’s stable by implementing a few straightforward management practices. Choosing your horse’s feed and forage carefully, trying not to groom muddy horses in an enclosed area, and avoiding sweeping or mucking out around horses that have a delicate respiratory system can all help, however your bedding choice can have huge implications.

Choosing dust extracted bedding can make a significant difference to horses with respiratory problems. Many products harbour dust particles that, when disturbed, enter the air in the environment and if ventilation is not at its best – which it often isn’t in many stables – this dust will linger in your horse’s box and irritate the respiratory system. Nedz Pro has been put through a rigorous dust extraction process using state of the art technology to virtually eliminate dust particles making it ideal for all horses and ponies, including those already suffering from breathing difficulties.

A slightly less obvious point to consider is absorbency. Ammonia is an unavoidable noxious gas that is in all horses’ urine and droppings. This ammonia can cause irritation to the sinuses and respiratory system, which can lead to breathing difficulties and conditions, so by choosing a product which soaks up your horse’s waste you can reduce the level of ammonia in the stable. Nedz Pro is made from highly absorbent rape straw that is chopped to produce short fibres capable of soaking up urine quickly. The result is a large reduction in ammonia levels and of course a more hygienic stable environment.

Moulds and fungal spores also contribute to respiratory problems, which is why Nedz Pro is treated with exclusive Natural Nedz to offer anti-fungal properties, along with a host of other benefits, which helps reduce these harmful contaminants. The addition of Cade Oil also ensures a clean, fresh, yet non-overpowering odour is maintained in the stable from the initial opening of a bag, throughout use.

Nedz Pro is priced around £6.50 - £8 for a 20kg bale. The recommended set-up is around 4-5 bales for a 12 x 12 stable, with one further bale added every week.

To find out more about Nedz Pro and the other dust extracted bedding products available from Nedz, tel: 01254 677 762 or visit 

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Don't waste time mucking out!

It seems like only a moment ago we were preparing our horses for their increased turnout time over summer, but as autumn draws closer and the nights get cooler it’s time to provide a cosy stable to keep our equine friends warm, safe and dry. If you are time conscious this season and would rather be saddling up instead of shovelling, then Nedz Pro is sure to reduce mucking out time with its exceptional absorbency.

Nedz Pro is made from carefully selected chopped and dust extracted Oil Seed Rape Straw providing completely natural bedding that offers a fantastic alternative to other bedding products on the market. The inclusion of an exclusive organic formula, Natural Nedz, offers anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic benefits, helping to eliminate odours and discourage insects and bugs, and generally keep your stable clean and fresh - vital for the times when your horse is stuck inside!

Due to its highly absorbent properties, Nedz Pro only requires a full muck out once a week negating the need to spend too much time shovelling, while also providing a sturdy, comfortable base for your horse to bed down on. When utilised efficiently and skipped out daily Nedz Pro requires minimal topping up so not only will it cut the time spent doing yard chores, but it will also cut down on expenses!

In addition, when looking at the whole bedding picture, Nedz Pro is highly biodegradable ensuring that your stable waste rots down within two to three months, saving space on your muck heap, reducing muck heap removal costs and even providing you with a ready-made fertiliser for your fields!

If you would rather spend your time riding this season, instead of mucking out, then set up a Nedz Pro bed today and see how much time you can save. Priced around £6.50 - £8 per 20kg bale, an average 12ft x 12ft stable requires 4 – 5 bales of Nedz Pro for initial set up and around one additional bale per week to top up. For more information visit:

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Forget gold this season, go green!

Unfortunately when it comes to the environment there is no ‘planet B’. With this in mind it is our duty to take the ‘greenest’ approach to everyday life when possible and this can also be applied to equestrian products. Whether it is a chemical-free fly spray, organic feed or horsebox sharing, we can no longer bury our heads in the sand and shake off responsibility and one easy way to clear your conscience is by purchasing a sustainable, environmentally friendly bedding.

In order to reduce your equine carbon footprint it is important to minimise waste wherever possible, however in order to keep our horse’s stables safe and hygienic it is important that we don’t scrimp on mucking out skills. Wet bedding can cause high amounts of ammonia in the air surrounding horses which can have damaging effects on the respiratory system, not to mention what lying down or standing in mucky bedding can do to skin and hooves.

Nedz products are made from chopped straw making them one of the most environmentally friendly bedding categories on the market as a result of the methods in which it is grown, the natural formula it is treated with and its quick rotting properties. Nedz re-uses what would otherwise become a waste product from the harvest of wheat or rapeseed making it sustainable and efficient.

You can rest assured that only the most natural ingredients are used to produce Nedz products, particularly Nedz Orginal and Nedz Pro which are both treated with a totally organic, natural formula, Natural Nedz. This means that the bedding contains no chemicals or pesticides, whilst also helping to reduce the amount of bacteria, moulds and parasites found in your horse’s stable.

Disposing of Nedz is simple, easy, and cost effective. The chopped straw is highly absorbent which means that only small amounts of bedding are removed during mucking out and once on the muck heap Nedz rots down within 2-3 months – as opposed to 2-3 years in the case of wood based products. Once this process has occurred the by-product can be safely spread on fields as a totally natural fertiliser, without any risk of valuable nitrates being removed from the soil.

For further information visit: or telephone (01254) 677 762.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Subtle Scent

Our equines not only possess fantastic visual senses but also are well known to have an exceptional sense of smell. Large nostrils may be a key giveaway to this fact, but it has been calculated by scientists that if you spread out the sensory mucous membranes of the horse’s nasal cavity it would be large enough to cover their entire body!

Many bedding products on the market today offer a bedding source that has been treated with ingredients in order to offer health boosting benefits, as well as mask stable odours and help repel insects. This treated bedding is a fantastic evolution in equine management and has lead to increased hygiene and reduced ‘bedding-related’ health conditions, however it is important to consider the horse’s delicate sense of smell and to ensure that the odour is not too overpowering for their comfort. Attempts have been made to assess how many times greater the equine sense of smell is than our own, and though nobody knows for sure, it is estimated to be within the hundreds of thousands!

Many of the commonly used bedding treatments can have detrimental effects on the horse, triggering negative responses, and the strong odours can overwhelm their senses. If bedding has the ability to make your eyes water and nose sting, imagine the consequences it could be having on your equine’s delicate sinuses. The right formulation can have positive effects on horses, particularly those suffering from skin irritations, respiratory conditions or those who spend long periods in the stable, however it is vital to strike the right balance in order to provide a restful, safe and comfortable environment.

Nedz Original and Nedz Pro have the whole package! Both bedding products utilise the carefully formulated Natural Nedz, which is an exclusive, natural treatment made from Manuka, Cade Oil and Aloe Vera. Cade Oil a recognized antiseptic known to aid skin irritation with a subtle and fresh odour. Aloe Vera is a soothing substance identified for wound healing and its ability to help regenerate cells make it perfect for sensitive skin. Manuka Oil is a unique type of tea tree oil, which has anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-insecticidal properties, with no known side effects.

Combined together, Natural Nedz adheres to the dust extracted, top quality chopped wheat and rape straw used to create Nedz Original and Nedz Pro and the end result is a mild, fresh scent which virtually eliminates harmful odours such as ammonia and provides a subtle breath of fresh air in the stable environment. Natural Nedz strikes the balance between keeping your stable fresh and clean and ensuring your horse is not overwhelmed with chemical smells.

Nedz Original and Nedz Pro are both available in 20kg bales, priced from around £6.50. For more information visit: or to find details of your nearest stockists, tel: 01254 677762

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Five steps to successful bedding this summer!

The warm weather brings longer turnout time, but for a large proportion of horses they are still stabled overnight. This means despite the summer sun some horses can still spend more time in their stable than in the field, making bedding choice crucial to their health and comfort. With the many different options on the market it can be a minefield to decide so Lisa Cooper, Managing Director at Nedz, offers up her trusty ‘five-steps-to-consider’ rules to help owners choose wisely…

Absorbency. Ammonia can be incredibly damaging to the strength and integrity of horses’ hooves and as hoof health is fundamental to both comfort and performance, good bedding must be absorbent. Wet bedding can cause problems such as thrush and can soften and weaken the hoof leading to cracks. Ammonia also has both hygiene and respiratory implications as it can be very irritating to sinuses and the respiratory system, as well as attracting flies and other insects.

Cost. In the current climate horse ownership is tough so considering your usage may save you money. A cheap price per bale may look attractive in the short term, however you may end up using more product, which soon bumps the cost up. With bedding you get what you pay for, so a more expensive product is likely to be better quality and last longer than a budget alternative. Look at the whole picture when choosing bedding, for example, will it rot down quickly? If the answer is no your muckheap removal costs could make your product choice an expensive one!

Support. For those horses suffering from ailments such as laminitis or having to endure a period of box rest, bedding which gives support is vital in order to keep painful feet away from hard surfaces and prevent brushes or knocks to the limbs causing problems such as capped hocks and elbows.

Mucking out. Time is precious and a product that is quick and easy to muck out is essential. Choosing a bedding which is absorbent means wet patches can be easily found and removed, choosing a product that does not stick to muck and rugs will also make life easier and produce less wastage.

Dust. The dust content of your bedding is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when choosing bedding. This is because the horse’s ability to respire (breathe) is vital to their performance. Dusty bedding limits the horse’s ability to respire as the harmful dust particles can result in excessive mucus production and inflammation in the respiratory system in an attempt to dislodge dust.

For bedding that ticks all of these requirements consider Nedz. With three different types to choose from every horse’s needs can be catered for. Nedz Original, Nedz Pro and Nedz Advance all embody the Nedz sentiment of minimal dust, maximum absorbency, cost effectiveness, springing support and with all three products being produced from high quality chopped straw they rot down quickly and efficiently. For more information visit or tel: (01254) 677 762.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Bed for success!

As we welcome the warmer weather many horse owners will be thinking about packing up their equine friends and frequenting competitions and events this summer. Alongside regular schooling sessions, lessons and optimum nutrition for our horses what else can we do to ensure we are set for success?

The environment we provide for our horses is crucial to both their health and performance and with the average horse still spending between 10-14 hours stabled during the summer months, it is clear that the conditions in our ‘horse’s housing’ are key to their wellbeing. This makes bedding a hot topic!

So how can bedding affect performance? Firstly the horse’s ability to respire (breathe) is vital to their success. The more efficiently your equine can inhale oxygen, the more energy can be created in order to fuel their muscles. Dusty bedding can limit a horse’s ability to breathe as inhaling dust may result in the cells in the respiratory system secreting mucus in an attempt to discharge the harmful particles. This can cause inflammation, reducing the air space to allow vital oxygen into the body.

Hoof quality is fundamental to the success of every horse and highly absorbent bedding protects the integrity and strength of the horse’s hooves from being damaged by ammonia found in wet bedding. Absorbent bedding should also work towards eliminating bacteria and odours by keeping mould away and insects at bay.

Nedz provide three different solutions to provide performance boosting bedding which suit any mucking out styles. The range includes Nedz Original, Nedz Pro and Nedz Advance all embodying the Nedz sentiment of minimal dust and maximal absorbency by using exceptional quality chopped straw. The inclusion of an exclusive Natural Nedz formula in both Nedz Original and Nedz Pro means the bedding is anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic helping to deter bacteria, moulds, insects and bugs and offer a fresh smelling aroma.

Is it any wonder that top professionals such as Geoff Billington, Mary King and Stephanie Croxford use Nedz? With performance at the forefront of the professional rider’s mind, Nedz compliments the routine of top riders and amateurs alike. International show jumper Geoff Billington is a big fan of Nedz Pro. "Nedz Pro is a fantastic product,” he says. “Very absorbent and easy to use, it makes the stable environment clean and keeps dust to a minimum, which is vital for the respiratory function of my horses and so helps them to perform well at the top level."

Nedz products retail around £6 - £8.50. For more information on the bedding choice of professionals visit or tel: 01254 677 762.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Springing Stable Support

With spring on the way many of our horses will soon be getting to enjoy more time out at pasture, rug-less days in the sun, and the flush of spring grass. However, for some equines warmer temperatures pose new threats. Whether on box rest due to injury, restricted grazing because of laminitis or simply seeking refuge from biting insects and pollen, your horse’s environment can be the difference between a stressful or stress-free summer season!

When a horse is on compulsory box rest it is not uncommon for them to become restless, anxious and bored, not to mention the stress and strain it puts on owners both mentally and financially. For these reasons it is vital to prioritise stable management to keep their environment as hygienic and comfortable as possible.

During the warmer months there are many perils to summer stabling. Insects can become a source of irritation which often leads to secondary health problems such as fly bites and sweet itch, and for those suffering from painful conditions such as laminitis, your stable should offer them welcome relief and “springing support” in order to keep painful feet away from a hard and uncomfortable surface.

In addition to mental stimulation and the correct nutrition, horse owners can make this confined time a more pleasant experience by choosing the correct bedding. Choosing a product that does not slip - especially when stabling on a concrete floor - and provides a deep base will ensure horses are always protected, especially important if they spend time lying down.

Absorbency is the key to hygiene and foot health, an even more imperative factor if horses are barefoot, and choosing a product that soaks up urine will help keep harmful bacteria and ammonia away from hooves, as well as causing less irritation to delicate sinuses and the respiratory system.

Timescale is also an important factor, owners with horses on box rest will be mucking out more regularly and choosing a product which is quick and easy will mean more quality time spent entertaining their equine, and less time shovelling!

A simple solution to these requirements is pelleted chopped straw bedding, Nedz Advance. The innovative product combines traditional chopped straw with modern technology to create small pellets that increase in volume to provide a soft, fluffy and virtually dust free bed. Capable of absorbing up to five times its own weight in liquid, Nedz Advance has already demonstrated benefits for horses with weak or sensitive feet by creating a super soft and sturdy base, which cushions the soles. In addition Nedz Advance contains a unique oil which helps moisturise the feet and prevent them from drying out.

Nedz Advance is priced around £6 - £8 for a 15kg bag. The recommended set-up is around 8-10 bags for a 12 x 12 stable, with one further bag added every 7 – 10 days.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Start spring spotless!

With spring on the horizon it is the perfect time to schedule in a ‘big stable clean’ in preparation for the season ahead. After a long, damp and cold winter, your horse will undoubtedly have spent longer in, mucking out may have been rushed to maximise daylight hours and your stable will probably have seen cleaner days!

The stable environment inevitably gets dusty, damp and dirty over the winter period - that is unavoidable - yet there are many simple steps that can be taken to ensure it remains a safe, hygienic and healthy environment for your horse to stay!

Start with a spruce up. Choose a dry and breezy day to make sure you give your stable plenty of time to dry and air. Remove all your horse’s bedding, buckets and equipment from the stable so you can get sweeping, and remove the dust and dirt that have built up over the winter. Sweep the floor thoroughly and remove every last bit of bedding, making sure you get into all the corners, use a dustpan and brush for those fiddly areas!

Take a damp cloth to the corners and remove all the dusty cobwebs as they hold bacteria and debris, then wash and disinfect the floor and walls, choose a product that eradicates ammonia and leaves a fresh, but not overpowering odour.

The only thing left to do now is lay your horse’s bed! Nedz provides the perfect balance of absorbency, ease of use and health benefits by pairing technological advances in manufacturing and dust extraction, with the traditional benefits of straw. Both Nedz Original and Nedz Pro provide a super absorbent alternative to wood based products with the addition of our exclusive Natural Nedz formula for cleanliness, and exceptional biodegradability.

Natural Nedz is a unique, organic formula made exclusively for Nedz to ensure that whilst your horse is cosy and comfortable and your box is quick and easy to muck out, the environment is also clean and hygienic. By including Manuka and Cade Oil, Natural Nedz offers anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties, whilst providing a fresh and clean smelling aroma, which eliminates odours, particularly ammonia, and also discourages insects and bugs.

Nedz Original is made from traditional wheat straw and gives owners a classic bed, without the classic straw related problems, meanwhile Nedz Pro is made from rape straw which offers a quick, easy and extremely absorbent stable base which only needs mucking out fully once a week.

For more information visit

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Choosing the right bedding for the job!

During winter our horse’s stabled hours are inevitably increased, if it isn’t snowing, it is howling a gale and many of our domesticated horses aren’t very good at dealing with the elements! Not only is that tough on our pockets but also sometimes on the horse’s welfare, which is why choosing the right bedding product for you and your equine partner is important.

It is sometimes difficult to know which product is best for you and your horse, but Nedz has three different bedding products to choose from to suit your equine’s individual needs.

Nedz Original brings together a touch of tradition, without scrimping on the latest technology. Made from chopped wheat straw which has been rigorously dust extracted, Nedz Original is treated with the unique and exclusive Natural Nedz formula to bring comfort and cosiness along with health and hygiene to your stable floor! If you are a fan of thick, luxurious and classic straw beds, but want to reduce odours, mucking out time and wastage, Nedz Original could be the product for you!

If you want to bed like a professional, consider the choice of show jumper Geoff Billington, event rider Mary King and dressage rider Stephanie Croxford. Nedz Pro is made from oil seed rape straw, which is quick rotting and due to its highly absorbent properties, can be utilised as a deep litter bed. Even when only skipped out daily and mucked out fully once a week, the bed is kept hygienic and clean with the help of Natural Nedz, which reduces ammonia levels and kills bacteria. If you are short on time and want bedding that leaves you with little muckheap and less waste, Nedz Pro is ideal.

Nedz Advance, though still manufactured from high quality straw, provides a very different type of bedding. Each blade of straw is both chopped, ground and steamed before being pressed into a pellet form. The pellets are so absorbent they can soak up around five times their own weight in liquid providing the perfect bedding for the wetter horse. Nedz Advance is virtually dust-free making it an ideal bedding for those equine’s suffering from respiratory problems. The pellets expand in volume as your horse stands on them, negating the need for watering - saving time and effort. Perfect for people won want fuss-free, functional bedding, Nedz Advance has been seen to half mucking out time when compared to traditional bedding methods.

Every single Nedz product is suitable for use on rubber matting, or concrete stable bases. Visit for more information!