Tuesday, 28 October 2014

10 years of bedding the best!

It has been 10 years since Nedz began producing quality, safe, cost effective bedding for the equestrian market! All Nedz products are made from top quality raw materials and offer cost effective bedding solutions to the equestrian market.

Nedz bedding offers horse owners the chance to use a traditional method of bedding, maintaining the cosy feel and appearance of straw, but with the added benefits of technological advances! With 23 years of straw processing experience under their belt, Pegasus Products bought the debut product in the range, Nedz Original, to market ten years ago. Over the past ten years, the company have invested time and money into creating top quality products, which answer the demands of today’s modern equestrian.

Made from carefully selected wheat straw, Nedz Original offers a highly absorbent, cost-effective alternative to shavings, whilst creating a hygienic, virtually dust free and non-toxic environment for your equine. Next came Nedz Pro, which is made from rape straw and also offers a highly absorbent, yet cost effective alternative to traditional shavings! This is ideal for any horse suffering with a respiratory disorder as the absorbent properties promote a hygienic environment, keeping ammonia to an absolute minimum, whilst also ensuring that mucking out is quick and easy.

Nedz have always wanted to maintain the traditional biodegradable benefits of straw, so Nedz Original and Nedz Pro both rot quickly within two to three months and are suitable for use as a fertiliser, saving you time and energy managing the muckheap and finishing the yard chores!

As innovations over the years have improved, Nedz is also treated with the exclusive Natural Nedz formula containing Manuka, Cade Oil and Aloe Vera, all of which have anti-bacterial and anti-insecticidal benefits, whilst still being gentle enough for the most sensitive skin and ideal for equines suffering with respiratory or skin problems. The unique formula is also crafted with a bitter taste to discourage any snacking on bedding!