Monday, 4 February 2013

New season, fresh start!

With spring on the way, and an exciting new season on the horizon, now is the perfect time to ensure your horse is stabled in a fresh, clean and hygienic environment. Even with the best efforts, your horse’s stable can become a dirty and dusty place over winter, so knock the dust off your cleaning equipment and get scrubbing for a fresh start. A super spring clean will give you instant gratification and help ensure your horse’s health remains a priority, ready for a successful 2013!

Pick a nice day when your horse can be happily out in the field while you get to work, and make sure the weather is dry to allow your stable to dry out before bedtime! Give yourself plenty of time and start by removing all old bedding and removing any cobwebs from the ceiling, windows and corners. Remove any rubber matting and give the floors and walls a scrub with a stiff brush and diluted disinfectant to ward off any winter bugs that may be lurking. Once your stable is dry, then comes the fun part, creating a soft, sturdy and comfortable clean bed for your horse…

Choosing the perfect bedding solution can be a minefield, however with an emphasis on wellbeing and hygiene, Nedz offer a range of products designed to help keep your horse’s stable clean, fresh and dust free, leading to a happier and healthier horse, and peace of mind for owners!

Nedz Original is made from chopped wheat straw that has been treated with an exclusive organic Natural Nedz Formula. This helps ensure your horse benefits from the cosy and soft feeling of straw, but with extra absorbency and anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-fungal properties. The easy-to-muck-out, hygienic product is put through a rigorous dust extraction process before packaging to minimise harmful moulds and spores making Nedz Original a traditional, yet technologically advanced bedding system.

Offering similar benefits, but with extra absorbency, Nedz Pro is made from oil seed rape straw, creating a superior alternative to wood based products, yet with the benefits that straw offer – including biodegradability to help reduce muck heap removal costs. Also treated with Natural Nedz, the absorbency of Nedz Pro helps to reduce ammonia levels in the stable and helps eradicate harmful bacteria for a clean and safe environment.

The addition of Cade Oil means that both Nedz Original and Nedz Pro maintain a fresh aroma, which is not overpowering or harmful to your horse’s delicate sinuses.

Keeping your stable has never been easier thanks to Nedz. Both Nedz Original and Nedz Pro are available in tightly packed 20kg bales, priced between £6.50 - £8 per bale. For more information and to find your nearest stockist visit or call 01254 677 762.