Friday, 18 December 2009

Nedz Pro has had a make-over!

Our leading product Nedz Pro has had a face lift! From early 2010 Nedz Pro will come in this brand new packaging so look out for it at your local stockist. Don't worry though - nothing else about the popular product has changed!

Bed like a Pro!

Competition horses need precise care from top to tail, from choosing the correct nutritional balance to creating the healthiest environment possible in the stable. For this reason many professionals use Nedz Pro, bedding designed to meet the needs of professionals and amateurs alike providing a host of benefits targeted specifically at the busy competition rider.

Made from Oil Seed Rape Straw, Nedz Pro offers a super absorbent alternative to shavings whilst combining all the benefits of quick rotting, easy to muck out, cosy, chopped straw!

Due to its highly absorbent properties Nedz Pro only requires a full muck out once a week, creating a sturdy, comfortable base for your horse or pony to bed on. In addition, the unique Natural Nedz formula that is used in the bedding contains Manuka Oil and Aloe Vera to offer a safe, natural and organic environment for your horse that reduces ammonia levels and helps with horses suffering from respiratory and skin problems. This entirely natural formula will help defend against harmful bacteria, particularly useful for travelling horses and those with weaker immune systems more susceptible to picking up viruses and infections. The rigorous dust extraction process keeps mould spores to an absolute minimum creating a safe environment for both you and your horse.

Quick and easy to muck out Nedz Pro is cost effective, with just 4-6 bales being needed for initial start up, and requires on average one bale per week to top up. Nedz Pro is highly biodegradable, rotting down within two to three months and can safely be spread as natural fertiliser – saving on muck heap removal!

Nedz Pro is the favoured bedding of top international show jumper Geoff Billington, “Nedz Pro is really easy to work with, it decomposes well so you don’t have to get rid of it and the horses don’t eat it.” Coated with a natural bitter tasting ingredient to prevent greedy horses and ponies from snacking on it, Nedz Pro is readily available and comes in 20kg bags. RRP £6 - £7.50 per bag. For more information about Nedz products, tel: (01772) 877 096 or visit

Friday, 30 October 2009

Good harvests mean good supplies from Nedz!

After last year’s bedding crisis – many companies were unable to supply customers for the whole winter leading to panic and price increases. Nedz were one of the few manufacturers able to retain their supply to existing customers in order to keep everyone ‘bedded up’ for the whole winter season.

After a successful harvest in 2009 – Nedz have secured enough top quality raw materials to ensure both existing and new customers will have a consistent supply of all three products, Nedz Original, Nedz Pro and Nedz Advance.

In addition to this, customers can be sure they will be getting top quality products to provide their horses with safe and virtually dust free environments. Before raw material is even unloaded from our carefully selected suppliers it is checked for quality and rejected if it doesn’t meet the Nedz standards.

Once it has met approval it is probed for moisture content to prevent damp bales from being produced, before being filtered to remove any unwanted debris. It is then chopped and dust extracted before the Natural Nedz formula is added. At each phase of the manufacturing process the product is checked for quality purposes and only when our plant technicians are happy with the end result is the final product baled and stacked on a pallet ready for the retailer.

Nedz have spent many years manufacturing chopped straw products and have carefully researched and developed this process to ensure only the best products leave the Nedz plant. Using Nedz products offers customers peace of mind that their horses are sleeping safely in their beds at night.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Do you REALLY know what your horse is sleeping on tonight?

When it comes to bedding horses – Nedz are the real deal – their experience and expertise within the industry are second to none and they can offer their customers total peace of mind that their horses are sleeping safely in their beds!

Nedz are the original chopped straw manufacturers and have invested the past six years in researching, trialling and improving the popular products - Nedz Original, Nedz Pro and Nedz Advance – with energy, time and money being spent investigating the latest dust extraction techniques, natural additives and learning what horse owners really want.

The now well established company know and believe in the products and are urging horse owners to consider what their bedding contains. The slogan ‘Do you know where your horse is sleeping tonight?’ is not just a gimmick - Nedz really can guarantee that your horse is not being exposed to any harmful chemical based additives having developed a unique and exclusive ‘Natural Nedz’ formula containing Manuka, one of the world’s most effective, natural, anti-bacterial and anti-viral essential oils. In researching, Nedz even found that some “natural” additives used in other products can in fact be harmful to horses and the people working in the stable environment and a strong smelling product is not necessarily more beneficial – some of these odours are too strong for a horses sensitive sense of smell.

Nedz products offer long term economical bedding solutions – the top quality products last longer in the stable, the natural formula remains on the bedding throughout its use to offer hygienic benefits consistently, the levels of dust are virtually non-existent and the long term health benefits for you and your horse far outweighs cheaper alternatives.

Nedz products offer total peace of mind with exceptional quality guaranteed. Visit or telephone (01772) 877096 to find out more.

Friday, 4 September 2009

5 minutes with Geoff Billington

We had a quick 5 minute chat with the legendary Geoff Billington, read on to find out to get a snippet in to the top show jumpers world...

Which Nedz product do you use and why?
Nedz Pro because it is really easy to work with, it decomposes well so you don’t have to get rid of it and the horses don’t eat it.

What horses should we look out for?
Both Rosinus and Pedro VI have been going well. Rosinus won the Eindhoven Derby and the Grand Prix in Villamoura. I also have an 8 year old called Upper Cut who is doing well and a 6 year old called Balloon who is definitely one for the future.

Do you train with anyone?
No – I am lucky enough to be friends with the best riders in the world so we all help each other!

Best thing about show jumping?
The buzz of going well in a major competition.

Worst thing about show jumping?
The expense! The costs to keep a team on the road – without sponsors like Nedz it would be impossible.

Best horse of all time and why?
It’s Otto – self explanatory!

Best achievement of all time?
There have been a lot of nice ones. Jumping a clear round in the final individual competition at the Olympic Games in 1996 and winning the Hickstead Derby stick out in my memory.

Top Tip for aspiring show jumpers?
Work hard, watch, and learn.

Keep an eye out for more exclusive inside information from Geoff!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Win on the new Nedz website!

Nedz have just launched a brand new website and to celebrate we are offering one lucky winner the chance to get a free pallet of Nedz Original. To find out more visit the Win section on our brand new website,

Good luck!