Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bedded down for the season ahead

Much as we don’t like to admit that summer will soon be over, as the months whizz by and autumn creeps up it is unfortunately time to get organised for the cooler season ahead.

Whatever your equestrian bedding needs, Nedz have it covered. If you like a quick, easy and no frills bedding, our pelleted product Nedz Advance is undoubtedly the way forward. Its exceptional absorbency means that urine stays in one small patch, and the pellets don’t stick to muck and rugs so minimal bedding is removed, reducing the amount of waste and the size of your muck heaps!

If you are a traditional horse owner at heart Nedz Original is the product for you. Made from wheat straw, the soft, fluffy, yet very absorbent product, provides a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing bed for your horse which is quick and easy to muck out as well as rotting down within just two or three months.

If you like a combination of quick and easy, together with a traditional feel, then Nedz Pro is the way to go. The highly absorbent rape straw product works most effectively when deep littered so only requires a quick skip out on a daily basis, yet it still provides a thick and cosy bed for your horse.

All Nedz products are made from top quality chopped straw which is dust extracted to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment for your horse. Both Nedz Original and Nedz Pro are treated with our unique Natural Nedz which contains Manuka and Cade Oil, plus a bitter tasting ingredient to prevent bed eating.

Used and favoured by top international riders, including Mary King, Geoff Billington and Stephanie Croxford, Nedz products can give owners peace of mind that they know exactly what their horse is sleeping on.