Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Make a dent in your muckheap this winter with Nedz Bed!

With winter on the horizon, the thought of a seemingly never ending cold snap and waves of wet, cold weather can bring about a sense of foreboding in most horse owners! It’s that time of year when the tiresome chores seem to take longer and riding hours diminish, but plan your stable management ahead and you can enjoy bedding your equine down for the winter, free of stress!

Nedz Bed is a truly traditional method of bedding, rivalling the benefits of standard straw and shavings. Nedz maintains the cosy feel and appearance of a beautiful straw bed, but technological advances make for many additional benefits! Nedz Original is crafted from carefully selected and chopped wheat straw, meanwhile Nedz Pro is made from chopped rape straw, which is exceptionally absorbent and quick to muck out. Both Nedz Original and Nedz Pro have been treated with Natural Nedz, an organic, anti-bacterial formula. Nedz Bed is a hygienic alternative to traditional straw bedding and the compact bales are easier to handle and store. Whilst also being far less bulky than straw, the bedding produces less waste and a smaller, more manageable muckheap, saving you time and energy on the mundane routine chores! However, the advantage of straw remains; it is easily biodegradable, breaks down within two to three months and is safe for use as a fertiliser.

By comparison, traditional wood based bedding can be difficult to dispose of, take far longer to break down and rot and need constant attention to ensure that the bed does not become too wet, causing a build up of ammonia. Moreover, many types of wood based products can contain a high dust content, which can be detrimental to equine respiratory health, especially throughout the winter whilst they are stabled for longer and ventilation may be poor or limited. Nedz is virtually dust-free and the high levels of absorbency keep ammonia to an absolute minimum, keeping your horse in tiptop health this winter!