Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Simple summer healthcare in the stable

As the warmer weather approaches, the new season brings a change in management routines and new potential health hazards for horses. Though the sun offers welcome relief from the colder months it also brings with it an influx of conditions such as sweet itch, sunburn and fly bites, with a larger proportion of insects pestering and bothering our horses.

Many of us alter our horse’s routines during the spring and summer months by utilising stables during the day instead of over night. While this provides our equines with welcome shade and protection against the irritation of insects, it can also create another set of problems, making the all-important matter of hygiene and comfort in the stable even more prevalent.

Using chopped straw bedding from Nedz in the warmer months is an easy way of keeping your stable clean and fresh. The highly absorbent bedding is quick and easy to muck out and combines the latest innovations and technological advances in bedding with the traditional benefits of straw. 

Nedz Original and Nedz Pro provide a bedding which is supportive and virtually dust-free, enhanced with the exclusive Natural Nedz formula which combines a unique blend of Manuka and Cade Oil to provide anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties. 

Keeping your horse’s respiratory system healthy is imperative to performance and health, especially for the competition horse and the rigorous dust extraction process used when manufacturing Nedz Original and Nedz Pro means owners can rest assured that their horse’s breathing won’t be compromised by increased stable time.  

Alongside promoting a healthy respiratory system, protecting the skin and preventing the risk of hygiene issues, the fresh odour of Nedz Original and Nedz Pro discourages insects and bugs from entering the stable, allowing your horse to rest and relax in peace. Not only does this ensure a calm and healthy environment for your horse to stable in, it will also reduce the amount of insect repellent necessary, saving you pennies!

Quick and easy to muck out, all Nedz products are quick rotting and easy to dispose of saving time and effort, prices range from £6 - £8 per 20kg bale. So, alongside the correct diet, sunblock and of course plenty of water, Nedz is a great investment this season to help ensure optimum health for all horses and ponies!