Monday, 5 August 2013

Set up for the season ahead

It won't be long before the warm season wanes and it is time to consider switching your equine from his summer routine to one that suits the cooler months. Changing can seem like a significant undertaking but with the right bedding it can be simple and cost effective.

When selecting the right bedding there is plenty to choose from. Nedz offers three different types of specialist equestrian bedding with something to suit every eventuality.

Nedz Pro is made from oil seed rape straw and creates a super absorbent bed that is quick rotting and simple to muck out. Ideally suited to deep litter management system, Nedz Pro is treated with Natural Nedz to offer anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-insecticidal properties, whilst also reducing ammonia levels.

Traditional bedding meets technology with Nedz Original; a chopped wheat straw product treated with the exclusive Natural Nedz formula to ensure your horse has the snug feel of straw, yet in an easy-to-muck-out, hygienic form. If you love a classic straw bed, but without the age-old irritations, Nedz Original is the product for you!

Nedz Original and Nedz Pro are both treated with a bitter tasting ingredient to prevent the greedy equine from tucking in to their bedding and both offer excellent value for money – requiring on average 4 – 5 bales for initial set up and one bale per week to top up.

Nedz Advance, though still manufactured from high quality straw, provides a very different type of bedding to the other Nedz products. The straw is chopped, ground and pressed into a pellet form. The pellets are treated to control moulds and spores and are capable or absorbing up to five times their own weight in liquid, providing the perfect bedding for overly dirty and wet horses. Nedz Advance is virtually dust free and expands as your horse is stabled on it – requiring no watering – providing the perfect bedding platforms on rubber or concrete stable floors.

By choosing Nedz bedding you can ensure your equine’s stable is an environment that is restful, pleasant and clean promoting a happy horse and equally important, a happy owner as well!

There is a bed for every horse with Nedz so setting up your stable for autumn doesn’t have to be complex! Visit for more information!