Monday, 4 November 2013

Beat the box rest blues with Nedz

“Box rest” the dreaded words every horse owner hopes to never hear, but despite us taking every care and caution with our horses sometimes illness and injuries mean that a period of box rest is inevitable. However box rest doesn’t have to be all bad, providing we are adequately prepared to provide optimum care for our horses and ponies whilst they have to remain stabled!

The most important thing to consider if your equine requires a period of enforced rest in their stable is to ensure that their environment is as “equine friendly” as possible, offering a place of solace which is clean and hygienic. Alongside providing fresh water, ample forage and mental stimulation, one of the most important factors to consider for your box-resting equine is suitable bedding.

Purchasing a high quality, absorbent bedding is a must, as wet, urine-saturated bedding not only causes moisture to permeate our equine’s hooves potentially causing thrush, but also leads to increased levels of noxious ammonia in the stable which can lead to damaged hoof horn, a weakened outer layer of the foot, an irritated respiratory system and sometimes eye and sinus problems.

Nedz Advance is the perfect product for the box-resting equine. The virtually dust-free formulation is kind on the respiratory system whilst the comfortable bedding is composed from natural, high quality chopped straw. Nedz Advance is chopped and ground to produce highly absorbent fibres, which are then sterilized to reduce moulds and spores and presented in a compact pellet form.

With no need to water, Nedz Advance expands as your horse or pony is stabled on it, absorbing up to five times its weight in liquid and establishing a sturdy base for your equine to stand or lie on.

We all know that box resting our equines can cause our day-to-day costs to experience a bit of a hike and lead to a very time consuming operation, however muck does not stick to Nedz Advance meaning you are removing waste – not bedding and the quick-rotting formula means muckheap removal is virtually eradicated to keep costs to a minimum!