Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bedding that performs

With the competition season in full swing, for many equestrians ensuring the equine athlete is in ‘tip-top’ condition, is vitally important. The last thing horse owners want when their equine is competing is for the inhalation of dust to affect the horse’s ability to perform in comfort.

The equine’s ability to respire literally dictates how much oxygen can be inhaled and in turn how much energy can be produced; as oxygen fuels the functioning of the muscular system. As the horse’s ability to succeed and enjoy ridden work is directly linked to their respiratory system, minimising their exposure to respiratory irritants, such as dust, is a crucial part of equine management.

Inhaling dust and mould spores can lead to inflammation of the airways, reduced air space and irritation of the cells. During the summer time the ground often dries up and the pasture becomes significantly dustier. Most competition horses are stabled over night, and whilst we can’t do anything about dry ground in the paddock increasing dust levels, we can certainly take measures to limit the level of dust in our equine’s stabled environment.

Soaking your hay can be helpful, reducing the dust content and increasing hydration levels but selecting a bedding which is dust extracted is paramount.

Nedz bedding allows the stable environment to remain clean and fresh, combining the latest innovations, and technological advances in bedding with the traditional benefits of straw so Nedz can supply a soft, comfortable bed with additional health benefits.

The straw used in Nedz bedding is carefully selected and passed through a rigorous quality control process before being chopped and treated with the totally organic formula; Natural Nedz, providing antibacterial and antifungal properties thanks to the inclusion of Silver, Manuka and Cade Oil. The process of producing each and every bag of Nedz bedding then ensures any excess dust is extracted, so your stable environment for your competing equine won’t compromise the respiratory system ensuring hard working equines can perform at their best!

In addition, the high absorbency of Nedz products means that ammonia levels are kept to a minimum, which not only reduces the chance of harmful odours irritating your horse’s delicate sinuses and respiratory system, but also helps prevent bacterial infections in the hooves such as thrush.

Choose between Nedz Original, made from wheat straw for a traditional approach, or Nedz Pro for an exceptionally absorbent product made from rape straw. Both Nedz Original and Nedz Pro are available in 20kg bales and cost between £7 - £8.

For more information about the range of Nedz bedding visit or to find your nearest stockist call 01254 677 762.