Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Do you REALLY know what your horse is sleeping on tonight?

When it comes to bedding horses – Nedz are the real deal – their experience and expertise within the industry are second to none and they can offer their customers total peace of mind that their horses are sleeping safely in their beds!

Nedz are the original chopped straw manufacturers and have invested the past six years in researching, trialling and improving the popular products - Nedz Original, Nedz Pro and Nedz Advance – with energy, time and money being spent investigating the latest dust extraction techniques, natural additives and learning what horse owners really want.

The now well established company know and believe in the products and are urging horse owners to consider what their bedding contains. The slogan ‘Do you know where your horse is sleeping tonight?’ is not just a gimmick - Nedz really can guarantee that your horse is not being exposed to any harmful chemical based additives having developed a unique and exclusive ‘Natural Nedz’ formula containing Manuka, one of the world’s most effective, natural, anti-bacterial and anti-viral essential oils. In researching, Nedz even found that some “natural” additives used in other products can in fact be harmful to horses and the people working in the stable environment and a strong smelling product is not necessarily more beneficial – some of these odours are too strong for a horses sensitive sense of smell.

Nedz products offer long term economical bedding solutions – the top quality products last longer in the stable, the natural formula remains on the bedding throughout its use to offer hygienic benefits consistently, the levels of dust are virtually non-existent and the long term health benefits for you and your horse far outweighs cheaper alternatives.

Nedz products offer total peace of mind with exceptional quality guaranteed. Visit or telephone (01772) 877096 to find out more.

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