Monday, 4 January 2010

What does your choice of Nedz bedding say about you?

A bit of fun to brighten up those dreary January days!

You are a traditionalist who likes a big fluffy bed for your horse to snuggle down in to. You choose comfort first over other requirements and like to provide a cosy feel in your own environment – which you like to re-create for your horse. Your personality is fun loving and you adore giving people around you, and your horse, the fine things in life. Mucking out is part of the enjoyment of having horses and you like to spend time creating a beautiful stable for your horse to live in. You like to create a stable you would happily dive in to yourself!

Time is of the essence for you – you lead a hectic life and like to spend what free time you have focusing on enjoyment. You have high aspirations in your riding and practicality is a main priority, however you do have a soft side and like to maintain comfort levels. You like your stable to look welcoming, smart and tidy but don’t want to spend hours maintaining it.

You like to be in touch with the latest innovations in life and tend to be quite minimalist in your style. Practicality is a very important aspect of the way you run your everyday life and you like things to be functional, cost effective and easy to use. Mucking out is more of a chore and you would far rather spend your time riding and doing more important tasks – it is simply a necessary part of horse ownership and whilst it needs to be clean and hygienic, spending hours presenting it is not a priority.

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