Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Bedding… the bigger picture

With horse ownership seemingly growing more expensive by the day, many people are understandably looking for the most cost effective option; however looking at the price of bedding per bale can often be false economy. With this in mind Nedz have put together some tips for horse owners this winter to help stretch out their pennies…
  • Find out how many bales you will need to get your stable started – some bedding requires a lot more product to form the initial base than others. Choosing a product that requires fewer bales will be a less costly investment.
  • Absorbency is key – the more absorbent your bedding, the less product you will end up throwing away and wasting, which results in fewer bales to ‘top up’ the bed on a weekly basis. The result, more money to spend on exciting things like riding!
  • Will it rot down? Choosing a product that biodegrades quickly will save money on expensive muckheap removal. Think of each bale of un-biodegradable bedding as a proportion of the cost of your muckheap being taken away – it may make the cheap bale price seem less appealing.
  • Quality raw material that has been thoroughly dust-extracted will provide a cleaner, healthier environment for your horse, which could result in a healthier respiratory system. Ultimately this reduces the chance of coughs developing which can not only become costly to treat, but also hinder performance levels.
  • Save your time. If you are on a busy yard and have many horses to muck out, choosing a product which is simple and easy to use could save you many man-hours and you, or staff, could be doing more beneficial jobs such as riding.
Nedz provides economical chopped straw bedding products for every eventuality; choose between Nedz Original, Nedz Pro and Nedz Advance. Nedz bedding has been made from high quality raw material which has been rigorously dust extracted and treated to offer a superior bed for your horse.

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