Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Forget gold this season, go green!

Unfortunately when it comes to the environment there is no ‘planet B’. With this in mind it is our duty to take the ‘greenest’ approach to everyday life when possible and this can also be applied to equestrian products. Whether it is a chemical-free fly spray, organic feed or horsebox sharing, we can no longer bury our heads in the sand and shake off responsibility and one easy way to clear your conscience is by purchasing a sustainable, environmentally friendly bedding.

In order to reduce your equine carbon footprint it is important to minimise waste wherever possible, however in order to keep our horse’s stables safe and hygienic it is important that we don’t scrimp on mucking out skills. Wet bedding can cause high amounts of ammonia in the air surrounding horses which can have damaging effects on the respiratory system, not to mention what lying down or standing in mucky bedding can do to skin and hooves.

Nedz products are made from chopped straw making them one of the most environmentally friendly bedding categories on the market as a result of the methods in which it is grown, the natural formula it is treated with and its quick rotting properties. Nedz re-uses what would otherwise become a waste product from the harvest of wheat or rapeseed making it sustainable and efficient.

You can rest assured that only the most natural ingredients are used to produce Nedz products, particularly Nedz Orginal and Nedz Pro which are both treated with a totally organic, natural formula, Natural Nedz. This means that the bedding contains no chemicals or pesticides, whilst also helping to reduce the amount of bacteria, moulds and parasites found in your horse’s stable.

Disposing of Nedz is simple, easy, and cost effective. The chopped straw is highly absorbent which means that only small amounts of bedding are removed during mucking out and once on the muck heap Nedz rots down within 2-3 months – as opposed to 2-3 years in the case of wood based products. Once this process has occurred the by-product can be safely spread on fields as a totally natural fertiliser, without any risk of valuable nitrates being removed from the soil.

For further information visit: www.nedz.co.uk or telephone (01254) 677 762.

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