Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sustain soles this season

With the cold, damp winter weather just around the corner, horse owners are bringing their equines in from the field and setting up a nice, cosy stable to protect them from the seasonal elements. However stabling horses can bring a new set of problems, including saturation and weakening of the horse’s hooves in wet and dirty bedding.

We are all familiar with the old proverb “no foot, no horse” and it couldn’t be truer today. Hoof health is indisputably important as neglected hooves can lead to discomfort, pain, disfigurement and lameness. Though stabling our horses can protect them from rainy and wet weather many horses and ponies feet deteriorate during the colder seasons as a result of bedding which lacks absorbency. Wet bedding not only causes saturation of the foot but leads to increased levels of ammonia in the stable which can damage the horn and weaken the outer layer of the horse’s hoof.

Nedz bedding provides the perfect range of products for horse owners concerned about healthy hooves. All Nedz products are manufactured from high quality chopped straw but that has been dust extracted to offer exceptionally absorbent, hygienic and virtually dust-free alternatives to traditional bedding methods.

Not only do Nedz provide the perfect bedding solutions for the wetter horse, to help avoid seasonal problems such as thrush and other fungal infections, the state of the art dust extraction process makes every product in the range ideal for equines suffering from respiratory problems or simply for owners requiring added protection for horses on reduced turnout time during winter.

All Nedz products, including Nedz Original, Pro and Advance, are simple and easy to use and rot down a few months to provide an economical bedding choice.

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