Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Set for Success this season

As 2013 starts many of us will be preparing for what the Spring show circuit has to offer. So whilst we are working hard in the arena, building up fitness and making sure we provide optimum nutrition for our horses, is there anything else we can do to help achieve success this season?

When considering the lifestyle of the modern competition horse it becomes clear that most spend a large proportion of their time in the stable. Even those that are turned out to graze during the day spend the nights tucked up safely inside. As the stable can often be a dusty and dirty place it is crucial to ensure your bedding choice provides an environment which is hygienic, healthy and as dust free as possible.

The horse’s ability to respire has a direct link to their ability to succeed in competition, as the more efficiently the horse can inhale oxygen the more energy can be produced, which in turn fuels their muscles. A bedding product that is dusty can cause numerous problems both for horses suffering from respiratory conditions and those who need to perform at their best. Inhaling dust and ammonia caused by urine and droppings in the stable can result in inflammation of the air ways, reducing the air space for oxygen to reach the rest of the body. This irritation of the cells may cause the secretion of mucus leading to a snotty nose and a weakened immune system.

Your horse’s respiratory function is vital to both his wellbeing and performance so it is important that we provide them with exactly what they need to be fighting fit and raring to go.

Nedz products provide the optimum bedding for success with three different types of bedding to suit all mucking out styles and tastes. The range includes Nedz Original, Nedz Pro and Nedz Advance which all embody the Nedz sentiment of minimal dust and maximum absorbency, reducing the levels of both ammonia and dust in the stable. The inclusion of an exclusive Natural Nedz formula in both Nedz Original and Nedz Pro creates an anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic product which helps deter bacteria, moulds, insects and bugs and is ideal for horses with wet and messy bedding to ensure your stable stays as hygienic as possible.

The chopped straw bedding products are simple and easy to muck out – ideal for the busy competition yard – and rot down quickly to create a small muckheap that can be safely spread on fields as a natural fertiliser. Nedz products have a retail price of between £6 - £8.50 and a little goes a long way to make them both environmentally friendly cost effective.

For details of your nearest stockists or for more information visit www.nedz.co.uk or call 01254 677762.

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