Friday, 1 March 2013

Laminitis support this season

As we head into ‘laminitis’ season it is not just our equine’s diet that needs to be carefully managed. The pain and discomfort associated with laminitis means that the environment our horse is stabled in should also be carefully considered. This is where chopped straw bedding manufacturer Nedz can help…

During the acute stages of laminitis a horse or pony often requires box rest and to make life as comfortable as possible for them the bedding they are stabled on should be of good quality, deep and supportive. For the equine’s wellbeing it is vital that their feet, which are undoubtedly causing immense discomfort, are kept away from hard and uncomfortable surfaces – so providing ample cushioned bedding will help relieve the painful symptoms.

The stable should provide a sanctuary for your horse enabling him to achieve the rest and recuperation that is needed in order to make a full recovery, so comfort is imperative. Additionally, when spending long periods of time in the stable it is crucial to ensure the environment is healthy and hygienic.

Nedz Advance combines traditional chopped straw with modern technology to create a pelleted bedding that expands, without the need to add water, into a soft, fluffy and dust free bed. For those with weak or sensitive feet, and even those suffering from respiratory problems, Nedz Advance provides a supportive bedding to keep all equines comfortable, especially those that are stabled for long periods.

Wet bedding can cause saturation of the foot and lead to increased levels of ammonia in the stable damaging the horn and weakening the outer layer of the horse’s hoof.  Highly absorbent Nedz Advance helps prevent this from occurring which offers greater protection for equine feet to keep them strong and healthy long term.

For those on a restricted diet, Nedz Advance has been steamed to ensure it is unpalatable and unappetising for horses and ponies that may be feeling hungry. Quick and easy to muck out, and highly biodegradable, Nedz Advance gives owners the freedom to spend less time mucking out and more time caring for their laminitic horse.

Nedz Advance is available in 15kg bags and retails between £7 and £8.50 per bag. For more information about Nedz Advance, or to view the whole Nedz collection of bedding visit: or tel: 01254 677 762.

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