Monday, 3 February 2014

Laminitis management made easier

The spring months can sadly go hand in hand with an increased risk of equine laminitis. The lush spring pasture can bring about this harmful, painful condition providing a real worry for horse owners.

If your horse or pony is affected this season then both the equine diet and the environment in which our equines are kept need to be carefully considered.

In some cases during acute laminitis the equine will require a period of box rest and if an enforced rest phase is necessary it is vital that the environment is as “equine friendly” and as suitable as possible to meet the patient’s needs and offer a place of solace.

Alongside providing fresh water and ample forage, one of the most important factors to consider for your box-resting equine is the bedding you choose. It is essential for the laminitis prone equine to be stabled on good quality, deep and supportive bedding in order to keep painful feet away from uncomfortable, hard surfaces and alleviate any pressure by providing cushioning support.

Nedz Advance is innovative, technologically advanced bedding which combines natural chopped straw with modern technology. Nedz Advance is produced by chopping and grinding the raw material and creating highly absorbent fibres which are then sterilised using steam and treated to control mould and spores, before being pressed into an easy to use pellet form.

With no need to add water Nedz Advance expands into a soft, supportive and dust free bed ideal for those equines being stabled for long periods. When on box rest for extended time the cleanliness and the hygiene of the environment is paramount as wet, damp bedding with increased levels of ammonia can damage the hoof horn and weaken the hoof. Nedz Advance is exceptionally absorbent alleviating these worries while also minimising your time mucking out, and reducing your wasted bedding!
Managing equine laminitis can be stressful and difficult, so make the process of nursing your equine partner back to health a little easier with Nedz Advance. Available in 15kg bags, Nedz Advance is priced around £6.50 - £8.50.

For more information visit or call 01254 677 762 to find your nearest stockist.

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