Friday, 29 August 2014

Bedding solutions for respiratory health!

During the winter months, a horse’s respiratory health can become a concern if stabled for longer periods of time with limited or poor ventilation. Horses are especially sensitive to changes in their routine and environment, so as the cool, wet climate approaches there is an increased risk of developing respiratory problems, in turn leading to potential disruption of airflow to the lungs, varying degrees of difficulty in breathing and in some cases an intolerance to exercise. Help manage respiratory health by being prepared this winter and prevent a disorder from becoming a long-term problem!

Just as we are inclined to shut out the miserable weather by closing barn doors and windows, one of the most common causes of respiratory problems is inadequate ventilation for stabled horses, leading to an increased risk of exposure to mould, spores and dust. Disorders such as Recurrent Airway Disease (RAD) can become a persistent, long-standing problem for horses, leading to a decline in health and overall performance, however one of the best solutions to preventing a problem from occurring this winter is to provide a fresh supply of clean, hygienic, low-dust bedding!

Nedz bedding provides a hygienic, virtually dust-free, non-toxic environment for your horse. Made from chopped and treated high quality straw, Nedz is comfortable, absorbent and cost effective.  Nedz Pro is made from exceptionally absorbent rape straw to give a hygienic alternative to other bedding methods. This high absorbency reduces the risk of harmful ammonia, while dust, mould and spores are removed via the state of the art dust extraction process during manufacture. 

Before baling, Nedz Pro is coated with a bitter tasting formula containing Manuka, Cade Oil, Aloe Vera and Silver to provide a hygienic anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment to further boost respiratory support. Nedz Pro is quick and easy to muck-out, working best on a deep litter basis, giving you more time to spend with your horse during those dreaded winter months when mundane chores seem to take twice as long!

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