Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bedding that performs as well as you do!

With the 2015 competition season now open for business, ensuring your equine is in ‘tip-top’ condition, is the key to success! If you were a racing driver you’d tune your car to perfection; as a rider, you need to think the same way about your horse’s preparation and health!

The equine respiratory system is designed to move a huge quantity of air into and out of the lungs, both at rest and during exercise. Oxygen comes in, and carbon dioxide must be exhaled. It sounds simple, and of course, it’s second nature to us all, but good respiratory health is the foundation for a healthy, happy and well-performing horse.

Inhaling dust and mould spores can lead to inflammation of the airways, reduced air space and irritation of the cells. Most competition horses are stabled overnight, meaning their bedding is a key factor in their environment, and, therefore, their wellbeing.

Nedz bedding allows the stable environment to remain clean and fresh, combining the latest innovations, and technological advances in bedding with the traditional benefits of straw so Nedz can supply a soft, comfortable bed with additional health benefits.

The straw used in Nedz bedding is carefully selected and passed through a rigorous quality control process before being chopped and treated with the totally organic formula; Natural Nedz, providing antibacterial and antifungal properties thanks to the inclusion of Silver, Manuka and Cade Oil. The process of producing each and every bag of Nedz bedding then ensures any excess dust is extracted, so the stable environment for your competing equine won’t compromise his respiratory system, helping to ensure he can be at his best!

In addition, the high absorbency of Nedz products means that ammonia levels are kept to a minimum, which not only reduces the chance of harmful odours irritating your horse’s delicate sinuses and respiratory system, but also helps minimise the risk of bacterial infections in the hooves such as thrush.

Choose between Nedz Original, made from wheat straw for a traditional approach, or Nedz Pro for an exceptionally absorbent product made from rape straw. Both Nedz Original and Nedz Pro are available in 20kg bales and cost between £6.50 - £8.50.

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