Thursday, 10 December 2015

Make Nedz your resolution this New Year!

Starting the New Year with a long list of resolutions is a familiar feeling to many of us. But also familiar is that realisation after a month or two that they are not all attainable or sustainable! Make lasting resolutions that are easy to keep in 2016, with Nedz as your stable mate!

Nedz ticks all the boxes for a healthy and happy stable throughout 2016:

  • Only requiring a full muck out once a week, Nedz Pro is the ideal solution for time-strapped riders. So if one of your resolutions was to take an evening class, get to the gym or even clean your tack more often, Nedz helps to maximise your self-improvement schedule!
  • The quick-rotting raw material means muck heaps are kept to a minimum. Nedz products biodegrade within two to three months and can be safely used as fertiliser afterwards. Perfect if you are looking to reduce waste this year.
  • With tightly compacted 20kg bales, a little goes a long way, so Nedz is just as kind to your wallet as it is your horse! 
  • Both NedzOriginal and Nedz Pro go through a rigorous dust extraction process. So whether it’s a dry and dusty summer, or a long season of being stabled during winter, Nedz will provide a non-toxic environment for your horse all year round. 
  • All Nedz bedding features the organic Natural Nedz formula - a unique blend of Manuka, Cade Oil, Aloe Vera and Silver. The organic formula supports your equine’s immunity and offers healing and soothing benefits.

For an efficient and effective bedding solution throughout 2016, turn to Nedz. Nedz Original and Nedz Pro are priced between £6.50 - £8.50 per 20kg bale.

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