Friday, 28 May 2010

8 months down and still riding Mr P!

Now our sponsored rider Steph Croxford is eight months pregnant her competing has understandably fallen slightly by the wayside! "I was still competing at six and a half months and gloating about how my jacket still fitted," she said. "However at that moment I bent over and off popped a button so I think that signalled the time to hang up the reins for a while!" Although not competing Steph is still schooling Mr P, "I was riding up to three days before Annabel was born and back competing internationally 5 weeks after so I hope that this one (a little boy) will be the same!"

In the mean time Steph has been keeping busy. You may have seen in Horse magazine (on sale May 27th) that she helped a reader develop a horse's balance and self-carriage in their latest Masterclass - the Nedz banner was working hard and caused a rather large spook - caught on camera of course! We even got the chance to go and see her at work and it was very inspirational!

As well as this Steph is trying to put her five year old mare in foal to the 2009 Dutch Harness Champion in the Netherlands, "She has just been AI'd so we are keeping our fingers crossed. There are no Dutch Harness stallions in the UK and we are hoping if she takes she will throw a colt!" We will be keeping our fingers crossed too - as in Steph's words, "Mr P is an old fashioned Dutch Harness horse and I think it is better the devil you know!" The thought of a little baby Mr P is a very exciting prospect!

Who knows, next time we speak to Steph there may be another mini Croxford on the planet!

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