Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Simple summer bedding

Summer months should be spent in the sun, having fun, riding and enjoying our horses – not mucking out in hot, stuffy stables! Nedz Advance provides a super quick, super absorbent and super hygienic method of bedding you horse, leaving you more time to enjoy the warmer weather!

The revolutionary Nedz Advance is manufactured using a unique process that steams top quality chopped straw to make it unpalatable and virtually dust free, before compressing it in to pellets. These pellets break down to form a soft, cushioned and extremely absorbent base for your horse or pony to be stabled on without the need for watering.

Offering a supportive, clean and hygienic bedding method ensures that horses and ponies in the stable – even those suffering from laminitis - can remain comfortable and supported even when stabled for long periods. The high absorbency of Nedz Advance dramatically reduces the levels of ammonia in the environment which in turn prevents insects and unpleasant odours, and because the bed needs little disturbing, dust is kept to a minimum making it perfect for those suffering from respiratory compromise.

Wet patches are kept to a minimum and droppings do not stick to Nedz Advance making it one of the quickest and easiest products to use on the market. The highly biodegradable product means muck heaps are kept small in size and what little muck that is there will rot down within one month, helping to reduce nasty odours that attract flies and are simply unpleasant when the warmer weather arrives.

During the warmer months when horses are stabled for reduced amounts of time it is not uncommon to only add one bag of Nedz Advance every ten days depending on usage – making the RRP of between £6 and £7.50 per bag an economical solution.

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