Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Good foundations

Every aspect of mare and foal management is imperative to the future wellbeing of both animals, and whilst feeding and handling is often top priority, it is also vital that the stable environment is as safe and hygienic as it can be.

With years of experience in the bedding industry, Nedz provide all horses and ponies, including mares and youngstock, with comfortable, hygienic, biodegradable and cost effective bedding.

The bedding of choice from breeders and stud farms is Nedz Original; a chopped wheat straw bedding product which provides all the benefits of traditional straw - comfortable, warm, quick-rotting and supportive – whilst also offering an extremely absorbent, easy to muck out and hygienic alternative to traditional straw beds.

The raw material used in Nedz Original is handpicked for its quality before being chopped and put through a rigorous dust extraction process. The chopped straw is then treated with our exclusive Natural Nedz formulation, made from totally organic ingredients that offer anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-insecticidal properties creating a hygienic environment for your breeding stock. The formula contains no citronella or eucalyptus, which means there are no strong odours and no risk of delicate skin reacting.

Once set down, Nedz Original provides a sturdy, comfortable and supportive base which is perfect for mares and foals when lying down or spending long periods in the stable. The exceptional absorbency means no sodden wet patches and virtually no ammonia levels, leading to a healthier environment for your valuable breeding stock.

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