Thursday, 31 March 2011

Make your Advance in to summer...

For the majority of riders, mucking out is not at the top of their list of things they ‘love’ to do, and particularly during the summer months, after a long day in the office, the last thing you want to do is spend precious time in a stuffy, smelly stable!

Unfortunately mucking out is part and parcel of horse management, however with the right bedding, mucking out can take just a few minutes and leave you with lots more time to ‘play horses’. With this in mind Nedz Advance was launched in to the UK to provide an effective, time efficient and simple method of bedding horses.

The chopped straw pellets really do have to be used to be believed! Capable of absorbing up to five times their own weight in liquid they make the perfect bedding choice for all horses and ponies, in particular wet or really dirty equines. The pellets break down as the horse is stabled on them providing a sturdy, yet soft base which supports the feet and keeps wet patches to a minimum.

Droppings are no longer buried under mounds of bedding, or mashed up in to the floor, and ammonia levels are virtually eliminated because of the exceptional absorbency. In addition, for those worried about dust levels, Nedz Advance has been dust extracted and sterilised making it hygienic and safe for all horses and ponies.

Nedz Advance does not stick to bedding or rugs, droppings are ‘skipped out’ with a shavings fork, the small wet patch can be scooped out on a shovel and the rest of the bed remains undisturbed. Less wasted bedding means less work for you, better value for money and smaller muck heaps. In addition this innovative method of using straw rots down within a month.

We recommend using around 3 – 4 bags of Nedz Advance for the initial start up of a 12 x 12 stable using rubber matting, or 5 – 6 bags on a concrete base. For horses stabled overnight we would expect one extra bag per week to be used to top up, however during the summer months when horses are stabled less it is not uncommon to only add one bag of Nedz Advance every fortnight.

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