Thursday, 11 December 2014

Horse owners confirm that absorbency is the priority

Nedz always strives to tick all of the boxes when it comes to meeting customer’s needs and with this in mind, a latest market research survey by the company produced some interesting results and confirmed that top of the list is absorbency!

In a recent survey of 146 horse owners, research showed that 27% of people felt that high absorbency was the deciding factor when it came to choosing bedding. This was followed closely by 26% of people stating that dust free bedding was the most important benefit and 25% rated comfort as their top priority. This compared with just 17% who were primarily concerned with cost, and the remaining customers put biodegradability as key.

Nedz prides itself on producing two products, which throughout the manufacturing process are chopped in a way that provides optimum absorption. This, combined with a start of the art dust extraction process, produces a hygienic, yet cosy and comfortable stable environment, so the company’s aims and values align with the requirements of customers and their equine partners! 

When it comes to absorbency, Nedz Pro ticks all of the boxes. Made from Oil Seed Rape Straw, Nedz Pro offers a super absorbent alternative to shavings, requiring a full muck-out only once a week and creating a sturdy yet comfortable base for your horse or pony. The high levels of absorbency help to create a hygienic atmosphere for your horse by reducing ammonia build up, which is ideal for horses requiring support for the respiratory system. This cosy chopped straw also biodegrades within two to three months and can be safely used as a fertiliser.

Both Nedz Pro and Nedz Original offer horse owners a traditional method of bedding, maintaining the cosy feel and appearance of straw, whilst using an innovative Natural Nedz formula containing Manuka, Silver, Aloe Vera and Cade Oil to provide extra benefits. Nedz products are also virtually dust-free, helping to create a safe environment for all horses and ponies, whilst keeping costs to a minimum without compromising on quality!

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