Thursday, 22 January 2015

Out with the old, in with the Nedz

The New Year brings resolutions for improved health, tidiness and efficiency – not just at home, but at the stables too. Nedz Pro and Original both offer a super absorbent alternative to shavings whilst combining all the benefits of quick rotting, easy to muck out, cosy, chopped straw. By going “out with the old, in with the Nedz” horse owners can immediately tick off all three goals, giving 2015 a super successful start!

New Year aim no. 1: Health
The unique Natural Nedz formula in Nedz bedding contains Manuka Oil, Silver and Aloe Vera to offer a safe, natural and organic environment that helps reduce ammonia levels and supports healthy skin and a strong immune system. Natural Nedz helps defend against harmful bacteria, particularly useful for travelling horses and those with weaker immune systems, while the addition of Cade Oil maintains a fresh aroma, giving 2015 a fresh start in every sense!

New Year aim no.2: Tidiness
Nedz products go through a rigorous dust extraction process ahead of being packaged, to keep dust, mould and spores to an absolute minimum and creating a virtually dust-free environment for both you and your horse. Nedz bedding is easy to muck out and has minimal waste, and, thanks to its natural composition and quick-rotting properties, muck heaps remain a controllable size.

New Year aim no. 3: Efficiency
Both Nedz Original and Nedz Pro are quick and easy to muck out, however the exceptional absorbency of Nedz Pro means that a full muck out is only necessary once a week. This saves you time and effort during the colder months on a daily basis giving you more scope to ride and have fun! With around 4-6 bales being needed for initial start up and on average just one bale per week to top up, Nedz bedding is both time and cost efficient!

Nedz Pro and Nedz Original come in tightly packed 20kg bales, costing between £6.50 - £8 per bale. Running a healthy, tidy stable has never been easier thanks to Nedz. For more information visit or call 01254 677 762.

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