Thursday, 26 February 2015

Top performers need top bedding!

The 2015 competition season is upon us, and top performers need top bedding. Practice in the ring makes up a couple of hours a day, but rest and recovery accounts for a far larger proportion of time, and requires a high quality environment to maintain condition and wellbeing.

We know how important sleep and rest is for our own health, and horses are no different. Research suggests that if a horse is deprived of good quality sleep for several weeks, his behaviour could begin to change and he may be more likely to spook, become distracted and lack in performance. As any rider - competitive or amateur - will appreciate, this means a well-rested horse is likely to be happier and healthier. Exceptionally absorbent and comfortable, chopped rape straw bedding Nedz Pro provides the perfect foundation for a good nights sleep in order to ensure your equine gets the quality rest he needs!

As well as providing comfort, Nedz Pro goes through a rigorous dust extraction process ahead of being packaged, to keep dust, mould and spores to an absolute minimum. We all know how important the area that we sleep in is for ourselves and this should be no different for your horse. By utilising an exclusive organic Natural Nedz formula containing Manuka Oil, Aloe Vera and Silver, Nedz Pro reduces ammonia levels and helps support the defence against harmful bacteria to provide a soothing and safe stable zone.

Time is always an issue and by only requiring a full muck out once a week, Nedz Pro is the ideal solution for time-strapped riders. The quick-rotting raw material means muck heaps are kept to a minimum and with tightly compacted 20kg bales – a little goes a long way! There are many jigsaw pieces needed to be put in place to support the performance horse but getting the foundations, such as bedding, is a critical step when you’ve got your eyes on 2015 prizes!
Nedz Pro is priced between £6.50 - £8 per bale. For more information about Nedz products, tel: (01772) 877 096 or visit

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