Wednesday, 3 March 2010

An Advance for Nedz suffering from laminitis

Nedz Advance has revolutionised the way many people bed their horses – offering a super absorbent, easy to muck out and highly biodegradable alternative to conventional bedding. As we come in to the spring season, whilst many horses are spending less time in the stable, for horses and ponies suffering from laminitis stabled time is often increased so ensuring their environment is as comfortable and healthy as possible is vital in the care of this debilitating condition.

Nedz Advance is manufactured using a unique process that steams chopped straw to make it unpalatable before compressing it in to pellets. These pellets break down to form a soft, cushioned and extremely absorbent base for your horse or pony to be stabled on.

Offering a supportive, clean and hygienic bedding alternative ensures that horses and ponies suffering from laminitis, or related issues, can remain comfortable and supported even when stabled for long periods.

Barefoot trimmer, Angela Corner has found Nedz Advance to be the most effective solution on the market. “As a barefoot trimmer I’m always on the lookout for the most suitable bedding for barefoot horses – both my own and my clients. Nedz Advance is the best bedding I’ve found. The unrivalled absorbency means that when horses are stabled their feet do not get damp by standing in wet bedding, which is vital for developing tough feet.”

“Nedz Advance also provides the comfort and support for hooves required by horses transitioning from shod to barefoot and would be particularly beneficial for horses recovering from laminitis and navicular syndrome,” she states. “And it’s a doddle to muck out too, leaving more time for the important stuff like riding! For barefoot horses there is nothing better on the market than Nedz Advance.”

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