Wednesday, 24 March 2010

How green is your bedding?

With all the constant talk of environmental issues, horse owners have a responsibility to use the ‘greenest’ products, which includes everything from chemical free fly sprays to the bedding their horses sleep on.

Chopped straw such as Nedz is one of the most environmentally friendly bedding types due to the methods in which it is grown, the natural formula it is treated with and the methods of disposal. Unlike wood based products, straw is a waste product left over from the harvest of wheat or rapeseed. By re-using it as a bedding product for horses we are able to utilise a by-product which would normally be ploughed back in to the ground or left to rot.

At Nedz we use a totally organic, natural formula on both Nedz Original and Nedz Pro, containing no chemicals or pesticides. Natural Nedz discourages bed eating and provides additional health benefits to provide a safe, environmentally friendly surrounding. At no point does the bedding let off damaging toxins in to the environment and the high absorbency means potent ammonia levels are kept to a minimum. This not only makes our horse’s stable a safer area for him, but also for owners.

Disposing of Nedz products is simple and easy, as well as being cost effective. The chopped straw product rots down within 2 – 3 months – as opposed to 2 – 3 years in the case of wood based products – and once this process has occurred this can be safely spread on fields as a totally natural fertiliser without running the risk of removing valuable nitrates from the soil.

At Nedz we believe that horse owners should really understand the products they use to bed their horses on. Not only can this aid the environment and make for a ‘greener’ lifestyle – but also helps maintain a healthy, happy environment for equines and their owners.

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