Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Steph has an action packed March!

"Mr President and I qualified first time out this year for the National Championships in September, when we went to Myerscough Premier League, winning the Grand Prix with just under 70%, this earned us a lovely picture and write up in Horse & Hound magazine and means the pressure is off to go to any more Premier League shows because the other piece of news is that I am nearly 6 months pregnant!"

"I will continue to ride providing I feel well enough and I trust Mr President with my life so even if I can't school him I will keep him ticking along with hacking. Simon, my husband, will keep the horses exercised when I can't ride. I plan on taking Clyde - my 5 year old - out to do the Badminton Young Horse qualifiers in mid April - providing my jodhpurs still fit and also my other 5 year old Ancie will be doing some Young Horse classes."

"Mr President and I have been nominated to represent Great Britain at Addington in the CDI*** Freestyle over Easter but we are not sure whether we will be going yet - it is very nice to be selected all the same. Clyde has been doing very well competing unaffiliated Elementary level - I am not allowed to qualify for anything under Medium level as I am a Grade 1 rider so we will continue at Elementary level unaffiliated for the time being."

"We have also been asked by Horse magazine to help two riders in a masterclass at the end of April. They will travel to our yard and I will give them some assistance and it will feature at a later date in the magazine. Overall it has been a busy month and we have plenty to keep us occupied with!"

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